“Cagayan de Oro City Government”

Cagayan de Oro (the City of Golden Friendship) is the provincial capital city of the province of Misamis Oriental in the Philippines. It lies along the northern coastline of the island of Mindanao in the country’s southern portion.

The Cagayan de Oro City government  is formed as “mayor-council government” wherein the people of the place vote for a mayor with his subordinates. The political government is composed of the Mayor and Vice Mayor primarily. As the city incorporates 80 barangay’s  it is divided into two districts, the west and east district. This two districts are led by two congressional district representatives respectively. The government structure also includes sixteen Councilors, one Sanguniang Kabataan Federation Representative, and Association of Barangay Captains Representatives. Election is done every three years.

Here are the recent Cagayan de Oro City government officials  with their respective positions.

Congressman, 1st District -              Rep. Jose Benjamin A. Benaldo
Congressman, 2nd District -              Rufus B. Rodriguez
City Mayor -              Vicente Y. Emano
Vice Mayor -              Caesar Ian E. Acenas
Councilors, 1st District -              Annie Y. Daba
  -              Alden D. Bacal
  -              Simeon E. Licayan
  -              Jose Pepe Abbu
  -              Adrian L. Barba
  -              Dante B. Pajo
  -              Alvin Calingin
  -              Roger G. Abaday
Councilors, 2nd District -              President D. Elipe
  -              Juan Y. Sia
  -              Alexander S. Dacer
  -              Edgar Cabanlas
  -              Emmanuel Abejuela
  -              Ramon G. Tabor
  -              Ian Mark Nacaya
  -              Nadya Emano-Elipe
SK Federation President -              Sunshine Mae Obsioma
ABC  Representative -              Dometilo Acenas, Jr.


Among the leaders of Cagayan de Oro government was an all time respected Justiniano R. Borja. He was the most admired leader of the city ever since because of his remarkable work on the growth of the city. he was the one who opened the Cogon Market now the Cogon Public Market and Commercial Complex. The national artists Napoleone V. Abueve had built a sculpture of him now standing at Plaza Divisoria.


The Cagayan de Oro City government is on its track of a more developed and stable economic state of the city. Cooperation and continuous support of the people is greatly needed.

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