Cagayan de Oro is considered as a melting pot in Mindanao. A growing metropolis to be classified as a first-class city. Cagayan de Oro serves as the regional center being the most populous highly-urbanized city in Northern Mindanao (Region X) noted for its accessibility, business growth and tourism attractions. According to the 2011 Census, the city has an estimated population of 553,996 inhabitants.

People of Cagayan de Oro City are known to be warm and friendly. Some people would say that cagay – anons can easily get along with new friends or acquaintances. Cagay- anons are warm people because we love to treasure friendships and relationships.

According to some foreigners who came here just to visit, they’ve experienced the hospitality of the cagay- anons. They feel that they are welcome and they were treated as part of the family. Even if they are from other country with different culture and beliefs but the cagay – anons are flexible enough to mingle with foreigners. That’s the reason why they loved to come here more often. They enjoy the warm climate and the beautiful places that Cagayan de Oro City has to offer.

Cagay anons love to have a party all the time. They want to be happy most of the time and they love to laugh and enjoy the happy moment. Cagay anons are high spirited people, they are optimistic and open minded. They love to share their experience whether be good or bad to friends. Their life is like an open book what you see what you get but in a nice way.

Cagayan de Oro City is a wonderful place to live why? Because it’s has happy environment and a nice weather. The people are warm and friendly. What can you ask for. Come and enjoy the warm and friendly Cagayan de Oro City.

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